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Item No. LST0948
4W GU5.3 MR16 LED Bulb
Item No. LST1052
10W G125 E27 LED Vintage Light Bulb
Item No. LST0693
Item No. LST0837
6W 2GX7 4pin LED PL lamp
Item No. LST0649
Item No. LST1141
50W E39/E40 LED Corn Bulb
Item No. LST1391.
Item No. LST2158-2160
6W GX23 2-Pin LED PLC Lamp
Item No. LST0630
Item No. LST1490
Item No. LST0382
Item No. LST0584
Item No. LST0966
Item No. LST1136-1139
Item No. LST1483
Item No. LST0886
Item No. LST1674
Item No. LST0840
Item No. LST0432
Item No. LST1481
6W 2GX7 4pin LED PL lamp
Item No. LST0649
Item No. LST0948
Item No. LST1457
15W Non-dimmable R7s 118mm LED Bulb
Item No. LST1381
Our Story Lustaled, a leading LED lighting manufacturer, was founded in 2013 in Guangzhou, China. Our 50,000 sq. ft. factory is equipped with advanced production lines for LED lighting. We specialize in LED Filament bulbs, LED PL Lamps, and LED R7S bulbs, and are an established leader in the market.

Our skilled team members ensure superior product quality and efficient factory operation. We provide competitively-priced, superior-quality products and excellent services. Our LED lighting products are highly versatile and suitable for various settings including residential, commercial, garden, or industrial.
Our Story
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