How To Choose A LED Bulb

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1.About LED Bulb Basics

1)The wattage of the light bulb. 
The first to consider, how many the wattage are bulbs can be suitable for your fixture. Every LED light bulb has a matching wattage---- the amount of electrical power expressed. And the light fixture has a maximum wattage amount. Therefore, the wattage of the LED bulb you need should be less than or equal to the maximum wattage of the light fixture.

--- The wattage of using the light bulb in the range of the maximum wattage of the light fixture is the most important to remove the hazard.

--- You can use a LED light bulb with a lower wattage than the fixture requestment.

2)The lumens of LED bulb. 

Lumens ( lm) are a measure of the total quantity of visible light from a lamp or light source emitted by a source per unit of time . The higher lumen rating, the “brighter” the bulb will be. 

3) The shape of the LED bulb. 

The shape of the LED bulb is various, and different shape of bulbs has a different application. The most commonly used LED bulb shapes are corn shape, globe shape, the spiral shape, the A shape and tube light ,etc.

--- It is easy to know what LED light bulbs do you need when you can make sure the socket type and the size if your light fixture.

--- Here are 4 common expressions of lamp holder: Candelabra - E12 for North America, E11 for Europe; intermediate - E17  for North America, E14 (Small ES, SES)  for Europe;  Medium - E26 (MES) for  North America, E27 (ES) for  Europe; Mogul - E39 for North America, E40 (Goliath ES) for  Europe.

--- The diameter of spiral lamp holder is in millimeters. For example, the diameter of mogul e39/e40 base is 40 millimeters.


4) The life of LED bulb. 

Because the LED bulb won't have a problem of filament melting, the life of the LED bulb is much higher than other bulbs.The life of LED bulbs can generally reach 30,000-50,000 hours. If the LED bulb is used on a ventilated fixture, its life will be longer.

--- In all types of bulbs, the life of incandescent bulbs is the shortest.

--- Compared to incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs with higher efficiency and longevity are more expensive.

--- The LED bulbs have the lowest power consumption and longest lifetime.


5)  The color temperature of LED bulb. 

The color temperature is a unit of measure that express the light source and photochromic, the unit is K (Kelvin).  The color of the light source is usually expressed by the color temperature.

--- Warm White 2800-3200K - similar to a classic incandescent lamp. The lamps are ideally suited to light living rooms and bedrooms: The warm white light is an invitation to relax and enjoy life.

--- Cold White 5500-6000K - ideally suited for lighting private working areas. It has a positive effect on wellbeing and moods and helps to promote concentration. It be used as ceiling lighting in offices or in reading lights, etc.


2. About the application of LED light bulbs.

1) Perfect for a pendant light. 
If you need to install a bulb for the pendant light, you can choose the LED bulbs are the filament LED light bulb with the spiral lamp socket. No flicker, no buzzing or humming. The filament bulb with the soft light can create a warm atmosphere for you. It can be easier to protect your eyes at warmer hue.

2) Perfect for a ceiling fixture. 
All ceiling light are usually enclosed fixture. So you need choose the LED bulbs that must have good heat dissipation and a long lifetime. Then you dont't frequently replace the light bulb in the ceiling light.

3) Perfect for recessed lighting. 
The recessed fixture also has a poor ventilation environment, which distance from the ground is quite larger. And you can choose the LED bulb can be easily to fit without tools. Most people will pick GU10 base, GU5.3, G53 for a recessed fixture.
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